Labradorite Blue Granite for table tops and countertops


Stone news for today Labradorite Blue Granite is also called Lemurian Blue Granite, Aphrodite Granite or Labradorite Madagascar Granite. This natural granite slab is ideal for making high-end dining tables and kitchen countertops. For more information about natural blue granite, you can check out Contact Us If you’re interested in [ Read More ]

Blue Onyx A Fantasy translucent natural stone slabs


Stone news for today In the video you can view the blue sky white clouds onyx slabs in our warehouse. This blue onyx has a very magical overall look and feel. There are some group-like textures similar to white clouds floating on the overall slab surface that resembles the blue sky, which [ Read More ]

White Granite Slabs in Stock, high quality and large inventory


Stone news for today We now have a large inventory of white granite slabs in our warehouse, and the quality of these granites is quite high, which is very suitable for processing kitchen countertops and hall walls. For more details, you may check Contact Us If you’re interested in white [ Read More ]

White Granite Slabs Newly Released Alpinus Granite


Stone news for today We have released a white granite slabs, named Alpinus Granite, which is an ideal material for granite countertops, vanity tops and table tops, besides, it could also provide an elegant effect if used as wall panels. For more details, you may check Thank you. Contact Us [ Read More ]

Xiamen Port Chinese Largest Stone Port


Xiamen Port becomes the largest stone port of China. In 2019, the Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau accepted a total of 31,040 batches of imported stone for inspection and supervision. Weighed 8.725 million tons, and the value of the goods was 2.181 billion US dollars. An increase of 2.21%. Despite the sluggish recovery of the [ Read More ]

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