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Explore our expansive, quality and cost-effective selection of natural stone slabs, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, tiles and table tops, etc. Our natural stone selections include granite, onyx, marble, quartzite, travertine, limestone and more.

Granite Slabs Colors

Granite Colors

Granite is an excellent material for decoration, furniture and construction. It has many great physical properties, for example, the material of granite is hard, with high compressive strength and good wear resistance.

Onyx Slabs Colors

Onyx Colors

Onyx is a gorgeous natural stone series which could transmit light. Our onyx series has a rich collection of colors to choose from, including white onyx, pink onyx, yellow onyx, blue onyx, green onyx, black onyx, gray onyx and more.

Marble Slabs Colors

Marble Colors

Marble is the most popular high-end interior decoration material today, and this natural stone is also an excellent material for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops and table tops.

Quartzite Slabs Colors

Quartzite Colors

Quartzite is a kind of natural stone with extremely high hardness. This material has high strength, and it is not easy to deform, it has low water absorption and high temperature resistance.

Travertine Slabs Colors

Travertine Colors

Travertine is a range of natural stone that is very rustic and has a classical aesthetic. The surface of this stone is distributed with many small holes. It is precisely because of the existence of these holes that makes this series of stone more cultural.

Limestone Slabs Colors

Limestone Colors

Limestone is a kind of natural stone series with relatively soft texture. The color of this stone is usually lighter, mainly beige, light gray and light blue, etc. This kind of natural stone is very suitable for the decoration of building exterior walls and various sculptures.

Why You Should Work With Us

There are more than 500 kinds of stone materials in EonyxStone’s specialized block yard, with an inventory of more than 52,000 cubic meters. According to customer requirements, they can be processed into large slabs, specification slabs, countertops, tabletops and special-shaped stone. Our factory is fully equipped with various high-end precision stone processing lines, such as 4 sets of granite and quartzite stone quick-saw production lines, 6 sets of wire saws, 6 sets of marble quick-saw production lines, 2 sets of composite production lines for super-ultra-thin stone composite glass, aluminum honeycomb, granite and ceramic tiles, 24 sets of CNC automatic cutting machines, 4 sets of water jet machines, 9 sets of engraving machines, 4 sets of automatic countertop production lines and so on.

Advanced stone processing equipments

Advanced stone processing equipments

The main production equipments of our factory are imported from Italy, Germany, Japan, etc., and we have the most advanced automatic stone processing center in the world. In addition, we are constantly improving our high-quality and efficient production capacity, and can complete all aspects of stone production and processing with guaranteed quality and quantity.

Excellent production & technical team

Excellent production & technical team

We have a large number of professional production and technical staff, of which more than 50% are skilled workers. Our company has more than 30% of the company’s total staff number of senior engineers, engineers and professional technicians, and is in a leading position in the industry. From design, material selection, processing, stone protection to installation guidance, we will send experienced technicians to provide customers with high-quality product services and experience.

High-quality professional stone service

High-quality professional stone service

Whether it is a public building, a high-end hotel or a private villa, for various types of engineering projects, our company will equip a professional project management team. In order to provide customers with professional services, we will build a special project team for each project, which is composed of senior designers, engineers, quality inspectors and other professionals. The service personnel of each project team have many years of experience in the operation of stone engineering projects, striving to provide customers with professional and systematic quality services.

Extensive engineering coordination experience

Extensive engineering coordination experience

Our company has been focusing on the stone engineering market for more than 30 years, and has participated in the supply of stone products for more than 2,800 classic projects. With a group of experienced stone processing and project management personnel. We are the most experienced stone engineering project coordinator in the industry.

Scientific stone industry layout

Scientific stone industry layout

Eonyx Stone has 3 major stone processing bases. We participate in the resource and mineral development of 48 high-quality stone quarries around the world directly or indirectly, and rely on large Chinese professional production, processing and service bases to build a scientific stone industry layout.

Categories of Diamond Tools

Eonyx is also a trusted and experienced manufacturer of diamond tools, supplying diamond segments, diamond saw blades and diamond wire saw, grinding and polishing tools, profiling tools, drilling tools, construction tools for stone factories, quarries, wholesalers, distributors and projects all over the world.

Marble Cutting Diamond Segments supplier

Diamond Segments

Eonyx is one of the earliest professional companies in China engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of diamond segments. Our factory can manufacture a wide range of diamond segment products, which can meet the processing requirements of various materials and the needs of different application scenarios.

Best Diamond Circular Saw Blades Disc For Cutting Marble Slab

Diamond Saw Blades

The processing objects and application fields of diamond circular saw blades are constantly expanding. In addition to the traditional cutting of various hard and brittle non-metallic materials such as stone, glass, semiconductor, etc., it is also widely used in reinforced concrete cutting, airport runway anti-skid joint cutting, highway and square expansion joint cutting, bakelite plate and plastic board cutting.

Diamond Wire Saw for Quarry

Diamond Wire Saw

As a flexible superhard material cutting tool, diamond wire saw has developed from the initial electroplating beading technology to the sintering beading technology as the mainstream manufacturing technology. From cutting only soft stone to widely used in granite and marble blocks quarrying, cutting of reinforced concrete and metal structures.

advanced stone equipments machine

Leading stone processing enterprise

Advanced Equipments and Professional Services

Quanzhou Eonyx Stone Engineering Processing Center, while possessing many advanced production equipments, is also constantly expanding its service areas and improving its service quality, striving to provide customers with more professional, more comprehensive and more efficient services. Our company now has many skilled workers and professional R&D, production, construction and installation technical teams, with industry-leading level and overall quality, with precise management and strict quality control system, to provide customers with high-quality services. Customize each project with ingenuity for customers. After decades of hard work, EonyxStone Co., Ltd. has grown into a first-class well-known stone processing enterprise at home and abroad by virtue of our company’s unique and comprehensive stone resources and unremitting pursuit of the spirit of ingenuity.

Granite Countertops Slabs Tiles Colors

Patagonia Granite Slabs

White Granite

White granite is one of the most popular natural stone series on the stone market today. Moreover, the white series of granite has a lot of stone varieties for buyers to choose and purchase. On the whole, the surface style of these white color granite slabs is relatively elegant and pure, and it is a kind of natural stone that can give people a delighted and clean feeling.

Tambora Tide Granite Slabs

Black Granite

Black granite is a classic, steady, and timeless collection of natural stones. The natural stone of this color series includes both classical solid black granites and elegant black granites with small grains. Moreover, there are also granites with majestic large grains. Granites of this color series are not only ideal materials for countertops, but also could create a very magnificent and upscale effect if used for floors and walls.

Lennon Granite Kitchen Countertops

Grey Granite

Grey granite is a natural stone family with the widest range of applications. In this color series of granite, there are very simple varieties. The material of these granites is hard and wear-resistant. The style of the surface of slabs is uniform, and there is almost no change between the slab surfaces. Moreover, the cost performance is also very high. They are ideal for the application of large-area outdoor floor paving and exterior wall decorative tile. In addition, the granites of gray series also contain very abstract and culturally rich varieties. The surfaces of these granite slabs are like abstract paintings, which are very suitable for decorating modern interior spaces, and they are also excellent materials for making countertops.

Golden Garnet Granite Kitchen Countertops

Gold Granite

Gold granite is a series of natural stone that has been very popular for a long time. The golden slab backgrounds are matched with brown, black or gray textures, which can give people a warm feeling. Moreover, the style of the overall large slab surface is not only extravagant, but also not vulgar, and the temperament of the overall slab surface is very elegant. Granites in this colour range are particularly suitable for countertops. In addition, there are also many projects that use golden granite to pave the floor and decorate the exterior walls.

Blue Bahia Granite Kitchen Countertops

Blue Granite

Blue granite is a very high-end and luxurious natural stone color range. The style of the granite slab surface of this series is usually relatively deep, connotative and steady. Among the granite slabs in this color series, some of the slabs have the overall surface that are similar to dark blue forest, and some are similar to vast blue ocean, while some are very similar to crystal clear blue emeralds. To sum up, this is a very popular luxury stone series on the market today, which is very suitable for high-class hotels, high-end commercial places and luxurious private villas.

Cygnus Granite Kitchen Countertops

Brown Granite

Brown granite is a natural stone series with strong classical flavor and rich cultural ambience. The natural stone of this color series contains a rich variety, including traditional granite varieties with stable surface of slabs. The grains on the surface of such granite slabs are generally small, and the changes between grains are not large. The style of the slab surface is relatively uniform. In addition, the stones in this color series also include dreamy and wild-style granite varieties. The size of grains on the surface of such granite slabs is generally large, and the changes between grains are also large, and the distribution of grains is not fixed. All in all, the natural granite of the brown series is a kind of high-quality natural stone series with rich varieties, diverse styles, classical and cultural connotations.

Butterfly Green Granite Tiles

Green Granite

Green granite is a very unique natural stone series, granites of this color series can often give people a fresh, natural and amiable feeling. Among the granites in this series, some of the granite slab surfaces look like a vast virgin forest overlooked from a high altitude, and some are like flowing verdurous rivers, while some are like crystal clear green emerald. The large slab surfaces of this kind of green stone always reveals the temperament of precious natural luxury stone.

Maple Red Granite Kitchen Countertops

Red Granite

Red granite is a natural stone series with a very distinct personality. The granites of this color series can often bring people a enthusiastic and warm feeling and a festive atmosphere. Among the natural granites in this series, some varieties of granite slabs have delicate and small patterns on the surface, and the overall slab surfaces are like oceans of vivid flowers. On the other hand, the grains on the surface of some varieties of granite slabs are relatively thick and wild, and the whole granite slabs are very like vast and spectacular sunset glow. To sum up, red granite can reflect people’s love for a better life and passion for their favorite work, and the granites can give people a positive and upward force.

Butterfly Beige Granite Tiles

Beige Granite

Beige granite is a very common, rustic, warm-toned natural stone collection. Beige is a color between yellow and white, so the granites in this color series have both the noble temperament of yellow granite and the modern flavor of white granite. Moreover, beige is also one of the closest colors to human beings. Being in space decorated with beige granite can give people a familiar and settled sense of security. Therefore, this type of granites is very suitable for the decoration of the floor and wall of the home. In addition, there are also many hotel projects and shopping mall projects use this series of granite, which can well create a cozy home atmosphere.

Moon Light Granite Kitchen Countertops

Cream Granite

Cream granite is a very fine and mild natural stone color range. The granites in this color collection have a very comfortable, intimate and relaxing feel. Moreover, the price of the stone in this color series is moderate, and the style of the slab surface also has a wide range of applicability. Therefore, this type of granites is very suitable for use in homes, hotels and shopping malls.

Onyx is a gorgeous natural stone which could transmit light. In recent years, onyx has been widely used in indoor spaces, such as onyx floors, onyx walls, onyx countertops, onyx dining tables and coffee tables, and so on. In different countries and regions, different colors, textures and unique beauty of onyx will be formed due to the different local geological conditions. Our company has developed in-depth and long-term cooperation with multiple quarries in many countries. Our onyx series has a rich collection of colors to choose from. The main natural onyx colors are: white onyx, pink onyx, yellow onyx, blue onyx, green onyx, black onyx and gray onyx, etc. You may find the details of onyx colors by clicking here. [ Find More… ]

onyx slabs onyx tiles wholesale price

Marble Countertops Slabs Tiles Colors

Bianco Carrara White Marble

White Marble

White marble includes Volakas White Marble, Crystal White Marble, Bianco Statuario Marble, Panda White Marble, Oriental White Marble, Bianco Carrara Marble, Bianco Calacatta Marble and more.

Black Marquina Marble

Black Marble

Black marble includes Black Portoro Extra Marble, Noir Aziza Marble, Black Wooden Marble, Nero Marquina Marble, Silver Dragon Marble and more.

Tundra Grey Marble

Grey Marble

Grey marble includes Invisible Grey Marble, Tundra Grey Marble, Silver Shadow Marble, Pietra Grey Marble, Lais Grey Marble, Cinderella Grey Marble, Grey Wooden Marble and more.

Blue Sky Marble

Blue Marble

Blue marble includes Palissandro Blue Marble, Blue Wooden Marble, Blue Jean Marble, Sapphire Blue Crystal Marble and more.

Sahama Beige Marble

Beige Marble

Beige marble includes Ottoman Beige Marble, Sahama Beige Marble, Oman Beige Marble, Louis Beige Marble, Daino Reale Marble, Cappuccino Beige Marble, Botticino Classico Marble and more.

Ice Jade Green Marble

Green Marble

Green marble includes Verde Alpi Marble, Rainforest Green Marble, Kowloon Jade Marble, Ice Jade Marble and more.

Italy Venice Brown Marble

Brown Marble

Brown marble includes Italy Venice Brown Marble, Imperial Brown Marble, Emperador Dark Brown Marble, Coffee Wood Marble and more.

Sofitel Gold Marble Slabs

Cream Marble

Cream marble includes Royal Botticino Marble, Magnolia Cream Marble, Crema Marfil Marble, Sofitel Cream Marble and more.

Giallo Siena Marble

Yellow Marble

Yellow marble includes Wooden Yellow Marble, Giallo Sunny Marble, Serpeggiante Classico Marble, Golden Spider Marble, Giallo Siena Marble, Emperador Light Marble and more.

Tea Rose Marble

Red Marble

Red marble includes Rosso Verona Marble, Rosso Alicante Red Marble, Rosa Tea Marble and more.

Purple Fantasy Marble

Purple Marble

Quality Purple Marble is available at competitive price here at Eonyx Stone Factory. We supply tiles, slabs and countertops all over the world.

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Quality is our top concern and promise to customers

Our quality inspectors inspect every piece of tiles and slabs, from stone blocks inspection to finished products package, in every processing of our production, we have human control and machine inspection, from block cutting, slab polishing, tile cutting to finished product packing, to make sure all products we delivered are qualified without any defect. Apart from providing these superior quality products, we also guarantee that all of our products are delivered within the given time frame. All of which are just for reaching the utmost satisfaction of customers.

Featured Products

Various high quality natural stone are available at competitive price here. We supply slabs, countertops and tiles all over the world. Warmly welcome project purchasing managers, designers, importers, wholesalers and individual home owners, etc. If you have any request, just feel free to contact us, our customer service department is at your complete disposal for any questions. We will keep providing quality stone products and excellent service for you.

Backlit Blue Onyx Countertops

Blue Onyx

Viscount White Granite Tiles

Viscount White Granite

white pearl quartzite kitchen countertops

White Pearl Quartzite

Statuary Vein Marble

Bianco Statuario Venato Marble

Jade Green Onyx Tiles

Green Onyx

Absolute Black Granite Slabs

Absolute Black Granite

Fusion Wow Quartzite

Fusion Wow Quartzite

Ottoman Beige Marble

Ottoman Beige Marble

Snow White Onyx

Snow White Onyx

Brazilian Blue Granite Kitchen Countertops

Brazilian Blue Granite

Gaya Quartzite

Gaya Quartzite

Ice Green Marble

Ice Jade Green Marble

Multicolor Green Onyx

Multicolor Green Onyx

Fortaleza White Granite Price

Fortaleza White Granite

Calacatta Borghini Marble

Calacatta Borghini Gold Marble

Panda White Marble

Panda White Marble

Titanium Gold Granite Kitchen Countertops

Titanium Gold Granite

Delicatus White Granite Kitchen Countertops

Delicatus White Granite

Eclipse Granite Slabs

Eclipse Granite

White Stripe in Black Marble

Nero Marquina Black Marble