Brown Granite

Brown Granite Countertops Slabs Tiles

Brown granite is a natural stone series with strong classical flavor and rich cultural ambience. The natural stone of this color series contains a rich variety, including traditional granite varieties with stable surface of slabs. The grains on the surface of such granite slabs are generally small, and the changes between grains are not large. The style of the slab surface is relatively uniform. In addition, the stones in this color series also include dreamy and wild-style granite varieties. The size of grains on the surface of such granite slabs is generally large, and the changes between grains are also large, and the distribution of grains is not fixed. All in all, the natural granite of the brown series is a kind of high-quality natural stone series with rich varieties, diverse styles, classical and cultural connotations. We are a trusted and experienced manufacturer of brown granite, we supply brown granite kitchen countertops, slabs, flooring tiles and wall tiles, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, stair treads, breakfast bar tops, etc. worldwide.

Cygnus Granite

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