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Backlit Onyx Bathroom Vanity Tops and Countertops Colors

Backlit Onyx Bathroom Vanity Tops and Countertops are for sale at competitive price here at Eonyx Stone Factory. The colors and patterns of natural onyx show a variety of styles depending on the place of origin. Over the years, through in-depth cooperation with onyx quarries around the world, onyx has become our company’s superior product. Our factory has a variety of natural onyx colors available for you to choose from. Such as white onyx, pink onyx, yellow onyx, blue onyx, green onyx, black onyx and gray onyx, etc. You may find the details in the following onyx colors.

Edge Profiles of Onyx Vanity Tops

Our factory could do diverse edge profiles for Onyx Bathroom Vanity Tops and Countertops. There are many edge treatments available for you to choose, including straight polished, radius, pencil, bevel, bullnose, laminated bullnose, ogee bullnose and straight with apron, etc. You may find the detail types in the following drawings.

Edge Profiles Treatments of Onyx Marble Stone

Packaging of Onyx Marble

Stone products are packed in strong wooden crates or bundles, meanwhile, every wood is fumigated as per current international requirements ISPM15. For example,
Onyx Slabs: padded with plastic film between slabs, after that, packed in strong seaworthy wooden bundles;
Tiles and Mosaics: 6-10 pieces in one foam or paper box inside and strong seaworthy wooden crates outside, moreover, reinforced with metal straps;
Onyx Bathroom Vanity Tops and Countertops: padded with foamed plastics, after that, packed in fumigated wooden crates, meanwhile, reinforced with metal straps outside;
Medallion, Stairs and Cut-to-sizes: packed in foam inside and strong seaworthy wooden crates outside, furthermore, reinforced with metal straps.

Natural onyx has beautiful colors and patterns, high compressive strength and good light transmission performance. As the application of onyx continues to increase, so does its design requirements. The bathroom vanity top is one of the most common and best expressions of onyx stone. So what are the advantages of the onyx vanity tops, and how to maintain and clean the countertops?

Advantages of Backlit Onyx Bathroom Vanity Tops

  1. No deformation. The hardness of onyx stone is high, the structure is uniform and stable, and the coefficient of linear expansion is very small. All these natural physical characteristics make the onyx vanity tops not deformed even after long-term use.
  2. Long service life. The onyx bathroom countertops after protection treatment is not afraid of the erosion of acid and alkali liquid, the onyx is not easy to be contaminated with fine dust, nor will it rust. The onyx products will not be affected by the humid environment, and it has a very long service life.
  3. The physical characteristics are stable, and it can maintain its original physical structure and performance for a long time under normal temperature conditions.
  4. The onyx vanity tops have a graceful atmosphere. The onyx stone has good light transmission performance, and the texture is elegant and beautiful, which is very suitable for high-end interior decoration.

Maintenance for Onyx Bathroom Countertops

  1. The protective effect has an effective period and needs to be protected regularly

Protective treatment of natural onyx can keep the color and surface polishing bright for a long time, better isolate the external pollution and corrosion damage, and greatly improve the durability of the onyx vanity tops. However, even if the protective agent is of the best quality, it will suffer from the damage of hot water, alkaline water (soap) and various cleaning agents for a long time, and the effect will be reduced.

Under normal circumstances, the effect achieved by the protection of onyx vanity tops can last for about 3 years, and different levels of pollution and lesions will appear after 4 years of daily using. Therefore, the protection is not once and for all, the protective agent should be applied regularly. The small bathroom vanity top does not require the help and support from a professional stone care company. You can buy “Stone Matting Protective Agent” on the market and apply it by yourself. The price is not expensive, just wipe it with a small piece of cloth, which can play the role of cleaning, protection and polishing at the same time, which is very convenient.

  1. Prevent water from staying on the vanity tops for a long time

After use, empty the water in the basin and wipe the water on the countertop. This good habit can keep the stone surface clean and reduce pollution.

  1. Choose the right cleaning agent for onyx stone

Everyone knows that natural stones are afraid of cleaning agents with strong acids and alkalis. So cleaning onyx vanity tops should not only ignore the ingredients of the cleaning agents in pursuit of simplicity and speed. Generally, the cleaning agent contains certain acidity and alkalinity. If the cleaning agent of unknown composition is used for a long time, the gloss of the onyx stone surface will slowly fade away, and there may even be the possibility of stone disease. For example, natural onyx and marble are alkaline, you need to choose alkaline cleaner, and granite is acid, you should choose acid cleaner for granite countertops.

  1. Special circumstances

If there is deep pollution, serious loss of gloss, surface aging, micro-cracking, fracture and damage on the onyx vanity tops, it is recommended to ask a professional stone care company for treatment.

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