Diamond Segments

Eonyx is one of the earliest professional companies in China engaged in the research, development, manufacture and sales of diamond segments. Our factory can manufacture a wide range of diamond segment products, which can meet the processing requirements of various materials and the needs of different application scenarios.
The diamond segment is the main body of the diamond saw blades and other related diamond tools. The segments of the diamond saw blade are composed of diamond and matrix bond. Diamond is a superhard material, which plays the role of cutting the object to be processed. The matrix bond acts to fix the diamond. The binder is composed of metal elemental powder or metal alloy powder. According to different uses, a scientific and reasonable formula of metal powder should be designed and suitable diamonds should be selected.
The stone processing industry is a rapidly developing industry. In this industry, diamond tools such as diamond saw blades and diamond grinding tools are used, from stone quarrying, slab sawing to finishing. Generally, diamond circular saw blades (mostly between 1600mm and 3000mm in diameter) and diamond gang saws (40 to 100 marble gang saws per group) have been widely used for processing stone blocks. When the large stone slabs are to be cut into building materials that meet the shape and size specifications required by the end user, the ideal tool commonly used is medium-sized diamond circular saw blades (mostly between 350 and 500 mm in diameter). As for the cutting and resizing for materials during the construction of the project site, a small diameter diamond cutting saw blade with a diameter of about 100mm is required, including dry and wet cutting discs. The core components and working bodies of all the above-mentioned diamond tools are diamond segments. Before these diamond tools can be produced, diamond segments must be fabricated and welded to steel substrate. In addition, diamond segments are also widely used in the processing of natural marble, granite, quartzite, artificial stone, terrazzo, vitrified tile, steel, concrete and other building materials.

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