Xiamen Port becomes the largest stone port of China. In 2019, the Xiamen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau accepted a total of 31,040 batches of imported stone for inspection and supervision. Weighed 8.725 million tons, and the value of the goods was 2.181 billion US dollars. An increase of 2.21%. Despite the sluggish recovery of the international economy, Xiamen Port Chinese largest stone port’s imported stone has maintained steady growth and has become the country’s largest imported stone distribution center.

Characteristics of the imported stone at Xiamen Port

First, it is mainly imported marble and granite blocks and semi-finished products.

Second, it has a wide range of sources. Mainly from more than 70 countries and regions such as Turkey, India, Brazil, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Greece, Greece and Norway. The total volume of imported marble is the largest, with a total of 13,625 batches. Weight of 4.0408 million tons and value of 703 million US dollars. An increase of 4.01% over the same period last year. Imported granite stone is the second, accounting for 39.87% of the total.

Last, the transportation methods are diversified, mainly imported by bulk carriers or shipping containers. Most of the countries in Europe, America and Africa are shipped by shipping containers. By way of transportation, Southeast Asian countries mainly use bulk carriers.

Keep increasing

According to industry analysts, Xiamen Port Chinese largest stone port maintains a stable growth in imported stone products.

First, due to the advantages of port resources, Xiamen Port currently has the ability to operate international container and bulk cargo terminals in the port area.

Second, benefiting from the advantages of the stone processing industry cluster. Xiamen currently has more than 1,200 professional stone import and export enterprises, and more than 6,000 traditional craft stone processing plants gathered in the surrounding area. Stone deep processing and high value-added products are exported. The proportion of China’s stone has been continuously increasing. And the export value of stone has continued to increase, which has promoted the steady growth of imported stone.

In addition, the prominent platform Xiamen (International) Stone Fair is an annual event that attracts domestic and foreign stone production and processing companies to participate in the exhibition. It opens a foreign service window to increase international influence.