Chinese main sandstone origins

As one of the world’s three largest sandstone producing areas, China has extremely rich sandstone mineral resources. Due to China’s vast area and complex geological environment, there are many varieties of sandstone in China. In the Chinese main sandstone origins, there are more than 100 quarries in Sichuan Province. Although there are many varieties of sandstone in China, they are mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Shandong. These are the three major production areas of sandstone in China. At the same time, there are also Henan, Shanxi, and Shaanxi, etc. But the products are not well known and has a small influence .

Now focus on the three Chinese main sandstone origins producing areas in China:

1. Sichuan Sandstone, the biggest Chinese main sandstone origins

Sichuan sandstone belongs to mud sandstone. Its fine grains and soft texture make it very suitable as a building decoration material, especially as a carving stone. And because of the complicated geological conditions in Sichuan, there are many types of sandstone in Sichuan. The color of Sichuan sandstone can be said to be the most abundant in China, including red, green, gray, white, black, purple, yellow, cyan, etc., and many more. However, due to its relatively soft material, inconvenient transportation and backward quarrying methods, Sichuan sandstone basically supplies small slabs and cannot provide slabs larger than 1m. However, if the quantity is small, the mining area may use a circular saw to cut and supply a small amount. But due to the higher damage rate, the price is more expensive. But we heard that there is a kind of sandstone in Sichuan that is comparable in hardness to granite.

2. Yunnan Sandstone

Yunnan sandstone belongs to the same mud sandstone as Sichuan sandstone, with the same fine grains and soft texture. However, due to the different geological environments, the texture of Yunnan sandstone is more beautiful than Sichuan sandstone, and it has its own style characteristics. The color of Yunnan sandstone is also very rich. Yellow sandstone, landscape sandstone, red sandstone, white sandstone and blue sandstone are very popular.

As the sandstone industry in Yunnan started earlier and its quarrying and processing technology is relatively high. It can supply slabs of more than 1m. However, due to the soft texture of mudstone, it has limited application, tiles and cut to sizes are the most popular form of products.

3. Shandong Sandstone

Shandong sandstone belongs to the sea sandstone, with relatively coarse structure particles and high hardness. But is relatively brittle. Basically, Shandong sandstone can be cut into slabs of more than 1.2m. Some are even used as countertops. And many Shandong sandstones can be cut into 1 cm thin tiles. Due to its hardness, it can perform almost all surface processing. The colors of Shandong sandstone is relatively less, mainly red, yellow, green, purple, brown and white. But Shandong sandstones are basically with veins. We haven’t touched other solid sandstones except white sandstone and purple sandstone. In fact, these two types of sandstone are not all solid colors, white sandstone has dark lines, and purple sandstone has white spots.

Other Sandstone

In fact, the sandstones in Henan and Hebei that are relatively close to the sandstones in Shandong. They also belong to the sea sandstone, with coarse grains and high hardness, but less color, mainly wood grain sandstone. The sandstones in Shaanxi and Shaanxi are not popular, and the colors are more monotonous.