Advantages of stone composite slabs

Marble is gradually favored by the decoration industry and customers. Because of its natural materials and changing colors and patterns. There are about several thousand marble manufacturers nationwide. Occupying a great part of the stone market, competition is fierce. In this environment where the market is forcing manufacturers to do everything possible to reduce costs. A new technology and new product in disguised thinking is born-stone composite slabs. In the following, let’s talk about the Advantages of stone composite slabs.

1. Overview of stone composite slabs

Ultra-thin stone composite slabs is made by bonding two or more different slabs with adhesive. The surface material is natural stone, and the substrate is porcelain tile, stone, glass or aluminum honeycomb.

2. Classification

1) According to the classification of the substrate:

First, stone-Aluminum honeycomb composite slabs.
Second, stone-Hard substrate composite slabs.
a) Stone-Porcelain tile composite slabs. b) Stone-stone composite slabs. c) Stone-glass composite slabs. d) Stone-polyurethane (insulation material).

2) Divided by shape:

First, common plate.
Second, arc plate.

3) Divided by surface processing:

First, mirror panel.
Second, matte panel.
Third, rough panel.

4) Divided by grade:

First, premium.
Second, first-class.
Third, qualified product.

3. Implementation standards

JC / T 1049-2007 “Ultra-thin natural stone composite slabs”.
The number of national marble composite slab manufacturers. It is estimated that there are about 200 companies. The total installed capacity of the main machine (slitting machine) is about 2,500 units. The theoretical annual output is about 5 million m2.

4. Advantages of stone composite slabs

Light weight

The thinnest marble composite slabs can be only 5mm thick (composite with aluminum-plastic board). The commonly used composite porcelain tile or granite is only about 12mm thick, which saves a lot of costs in transportation. It is the best choice when the building has load restrictions.

High strength

After the composite marble with ceramic tile, granite, aluminum honeycomb panel. Its bending and shear strength are significantly improved, which greatly reduces the damage rate during transportation, installation and use.

Improved anti-pollution ability

During the installation or subsequent use of ordinary marble original slabs (through-body tiles), such as wet paste with cement. It is very likely that various color changes and stains will appear on the marble surface after six months or one year. It is very difficult to remove. The composite tiles avoids this situation. Because its bottom plate is more rigid and dense, and there is also a thin layer of glue.

Easier to control chromatic aberration

Because 3 or 4 pieces of marble composite slabs are cut from 1 piece of the original slab (through-body slab). So its pattern and color are almost 100% the same as the original board. It is easier to ensure large area application .

Easy installation

Due to the above characteristics, during the installation process, regardless of weight, fragility (strength, etc.) or color separation and splicing. The installation efficiency and safety are greatly improved, and the installation cost is also reduced.

Break through the restricted area

The decorative areas of marble, no matter internal and external walls, floors, windowsills, porches, tabletops, etc. There is no problem with ordinary original slabs (all-body panels), except for ceiling. Whether using marble or granite, no decoration company is dare to take this risk. The composite tiles of marble with aluminum panel and marble with aluminum honeycomb broke through the restricted area of ​​stone decoration. Because it is very light, it weighs only 1/5 to 1/10 of the whole body marble tiles. If you want to decorate the ceiling with stone, it must be stone composite tile.

Sound insulation and moisture-proof

Composite panels made of aluminum honeycomb panels and marble. Because of its hollow aluminum honeycomb core made of equilateral hexagons have sound insulation, moisture resistance, heat insulation and cold resistance. Therefore, these characteristics far surpass the performance characteristics of the whole body panels.

Energy saving and consumption reduction

Because of its sound insulation, moisture resistance, and thermal insulation properties. Stone aluminum honeycomb composite panels can greatly reduce the consumption of electrical and thermal energy after installation indoors and outdoors.

Reduce cost

Because the stone composite tiles are thinner and lighter, it saves a part of the cost in transportation and installation. And for the more expensive stone types, because there are less stone materials used in the compsite tiles, the composite products are cheaper than the original products.

Marble composite slabs not only have the adavantage characteristics of natural stone, but also they are more practical. It determines the sustainable development of its future market. The widespread use of more and more countries and regions in the international market has also verified the market development trend of marble composite panels.