Granite Colors

Most Popular Granite Colors 2024

Granite is an excellent material for decoration, furniture and construction. It has many great physical properties, for example, the material of granite is hard, with high compressive strength and good wear resistance. Moreover, it has a dense structure and low water absorption. In addition, granite is also chemically stable and has very good durability. Because different varieties of granite contain different compositions of minerals, such as amphibole and mica, etc., therefore, granites present a variety of colors, including: white granite, black granite, blue granite, grey granite, red granite, green granite, pink granite, brown granite, beige granite, cream granite, gold granite, purple granite, yellow granite and taupe granite. And many of these granite colors are the most popular granite colors in 2024. We are a trusted and experienced manufacturer of natural granite, we supply granite kitchen countertops, slabs, flooring tiles and wall tiles, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, stair treads, breakfast bar tops, etc. worldwide.

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